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…so I figured I would start over with the blogging! Looking back on some of the things I had written here in the past, I was pretty blown away to see how consistent I was, particularly around the time I went away on mission to Guernsey. That memory of 2011 brought back so many more, and ultimately led me to want to re-ignite the blogger in me!

A few things I’d like to address:

First and foremost, 14th July this year, I will be a married man! Yes! Me…a married man! The beautiful Stephane Foli will become my Mrs Perry and I cannot wait! We’ve had so much fun planning and can’t wait to start doing life together!

I had plans to release a new EP this year, with some really strong songs being writhed, but as you can imagine, with the business and financial commitment of planning a wedding, that just isn’t going to happen. I figured that next year we would be in a better position to release something! I’m so passionate about equipping the local church - not just with more songs to sing - but with songs that are so packed with the life of Jesus and His Spirit that a person cannot remain the same! Hopefully this season will allow me to write some beautiful love songs! ;-)

I’ve recently taken a more prominent role within my local church as the leader of the worship ministry, and have to say, I’m in my element! Leading a fantastically committed team and standing on the shoulders of two incredible people, Steve and Velveta Thompson, my mentors! They have and continue to sow so much into my life and Steph’s life and we are better because of them - everyone who meets them would say that! I lead worship every week at church now and occasionally am invited to lead elsewhere! I’m happy being in the centre of God’s will, working for an organisation that runs sex and relationships workshops in schools and youth clubs!

God has been good. It’s been a rocky 2 years, no doubt, but in it all, I’ve been standing on Christ the solid rock!

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Living by this book over the next year! (Taken with Instagram)

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